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Apply Online for Payday Loans form Direct Lenders

Apply Online for Payday Loans form Direct Lenders

, Last updated: 26-05-2023
Payday Loans form Direct Lenders

Loans from Direct Lenders

Recently, payday loans have become more and more popular as they help solve urgent financial problems. In fact, everyone has at least once faced such situations as a broken car, a child's illness, an accident. Unfortunately, most people do not have extra funds to solve these problems in one day, so they use the services of lenders. Most often, people are faced with the question of which lender is the best to turn to, traditional or direct?

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Top 3 Direct Lending Companies in the USA

Three major direct lenders that were well-known as of 2021, based on common features that people typically compare.

  1. CashNetUSA: As of 2021, CashNetUSA was one of the more established direct lending companies in the United States. They offered various types of loans including payday loans, installment loans, and lines of credit. The application process was usually easy and quick, often providing an instant decision upon application submission. One notable feature was their Savings Program and educational resources to help borrowers stay financially informed. However, their loan rates tended to be quite high, which is typical but still important for potential borrowers to consider.
  2. Check 'n Go: Another company that was operational as of 2021 is Check 'n Go. They also offered various types of short-term loans, with a straightforward application process. They had physical stores, which could be an advantage for individuals who prefer face-to-face interactions. However, like CashNetUSA, their interest rates and fees were typically high, and the availability of services varied by state.
  3. Advance America: As of 2021, Advance America offered a wide variety of loans and had a widespread presence across the United States. They had an easy application process and swift approval times, and like Check 'n Go, they also had many physical locations for those who prefer in-person service. However, the cost of borrowing was typically high, and customer experience varied greatly by location and specific circumstance.

Compare the Direct Lenders Online

Company Name Loan Types Offered Application Rates Noteworthy
CashNetUSA Payday, Installment, Lines of Credit Online High Savings Program, Educational Resources
Check 'n Go Payday, Installment, Cash Advances Online and Physical Stores High Physical Stores Availability
Advance America Payday, Installment, Title Loans, Lines of Credit Online and Physical Stores High Wide Range of Loan Options
Speedy Cash Payday, Installment, Title Loans, Lines of Credit Online, Phone, Physical Stores High Flexible Loan Terms
Ace Cash Express Payday, Installment, Title Loans Online and Physical Stores High Check Cashing Service
LendUp Payday, Installment Online High, Lower for Returning Customers Ladder System for Repeat Borrowers
OppLoans Installment, Lines of Credit Online Lower than Typical Payday Loans Quick Funding
Oportun Installment Online, Phone, Physical Stores Lower than Typical Payday Loans Accepts Borrowers with No Credit History
Rise Credit Installment, Lines of Credit Online High, Lower for Returning Customers Progress to Better Rates
Earnin Pay Advance Mobile App No Fees or Interest Borrow Against Your Paycheck

What is the difference between a traditional lender and a direct lender?

A traditional lender takes money from a bank and gives it to you at interest. Thus, the lender is an intermediary between you and the bank, providing you with money and receiving interest for service. After a traditional lender gives your details to the bank, it can take days or even weeks for the bank to review your loan and make a decision.

A direct lender differs from a traditional lender in that he does not take money from the bank. The amount he lends you is his own. That is, you work with the lender directly, without banks and intermediaries. Working with one lender frees you from overpayments. What's more, the direct lender will approve your loan application much faster as it doesn't need to contact other companies to review your application.

What are the benefits of Loans from a Direct Lender?

  • Safety. When traditional lenders do not have the funds to approve an application, they use the services of third parties, which have large resources. Thus, your information is available to more people. If you work directly with the lender, your personal data is not transferred to third parties, so you can not worry about the security of your personal information.
  • Loan cost. Of course, with more parties involved, the cost of borrowing goes up. So, with a traditional lender, your interest rate on the loan will be higher. Also, direct loans have fixed interest rates or income-based repayment plans. This way, if the loan payments are based on your salary, it will be easier for you to repay the loan.
  • Speed. Direct loans are quicker as they require fewer parties and less paperwork. Also, you don't have to wait long for bank approval as direct lenders give you their own money. Thus, you can receive money even on the day of application.
  • No overpayments. Since you work directly with the lender, you do not need to pay any additional interest on the loan to intermediaries. You will pay only the loan amount and interest on the loan, without additional fees.

How to Choose the Best Direct Lender

Choosing the best payday loan company depends on several factors and what you consider most important in a lender. Here's a general guide on how to compare these companies and make the best choice:

1. Understand Your Needs: Before you begin comparing lenders, understand your own financial needs. How much money do you need? How quickly can you repay the loan? What kind of repayment structure suits you best? Knowing these can help narrow down your choices.

2. Compare Loan Types: Different lenders offer different types of loans - payday loans, installment loans, lines of credit, etc. The type of loan that is right for you depends on your needs and circumstances.

3. Interest Rates and Fees: One of the most crucial factors in choosing a lender is the cost of the loan. Compare the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) which includes both the interest rate and any fees the lender charges. Payday loans often have high APRs, so it's important to compare rates to find the best deal.

4. Repayment Terms: Check the repayment terms, which can range from a few weeks (typically until your next paycheck) for payday loans, to several months or even years for installment loans. Make sure you're comfortable with the repayment schedule and that it fits your budget.

5. Application Process: Some lenders allow you to apply online, others have physical stores, and some offer both. Consider whether you prefer an online or in-person application process.

6. Speed of Loan Disbursement: If you need cash quickly, check how long lenders take to disburse the loan. Some lenders can provide funds the same day, while others may take a few days.

7. Customer Service: A lender's customer service can be very important, especially if you run into problems with your loan. Look for lenders with a reputation for strong customer service.

8. Reviews and Reputation: Check online reviews and ask friends or family for their experiences. A lender's reputation can give you a good idea of what to expect.

9. Legal Status: Make sure the lender is licensed to operate in your state. The best payday loan companies comply with state laws and openly share their terms, fees, and conditions.

10. Financial Education Resources: Some lenders offer financial education resources to help borrowers understand and manage their finances better. These can be helpful if you're looking to improve your financial situation in the long term.

Remember, payday loans should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution. Always consider alternatives before opting for a payday loan, such as personal loans, credit card advances, or help from family and friends.

Can I get a Loan from a Direct Lender with a bad credit history?

Credit history is a guarantee of your reliability. When lenders check it, they understand if they can give you a loan, or not. Thus, the better your credit rating is, the greater the chance of getting a loan with the lowest interest rate.

Borrowers with bad credit history can also apply for a loan. However, it should be understood that the interest rate on a loan for a bad rating can be very high. This will depend on how bad your credit history is and whether you have a steady source of income. If your credit history has started to improve lately and you have a regular job throughout the year, you can get a loan.


Selecting the right payday loan provider can be a complex task due to the range of options available. Each provider comes with its unique set of loan types, interest rates, repayment terms, and other factors to consider. It's crucial to identify your specific financial needs and thoroughly compare these factors among various lenders before making a decision.

While payday loans can provide a quick solution to immediate financial needs, it's important to remember their high costs. High interest rates and fees can lead to a cycle of debt if not managed responsibly. Therefore, these types of loans should only be considered as a last resort for short-term financial needs.

Exploring other options, such as personal loans, credit card advances, or even financial assistance from family and friends, may provide a more cost-effective solution. Additionally, establishing an emergency savings fund and good budgeting habits can prevent the need for such high-cost borrowing in the future.

It's also recommended to seek financial advice from trustworthy sources to understand all potential options and their implications better. Always ensure that the lender you choose is licensed and has a good reputation for customer service and fair practices. Be sure to read and understand all loan terms and conditions before signing any loan agreement.

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